Important Benefits

24x7 Live
Optimize Patient Flow Variables
Mitigate negative patient experiences
Improve Physician & Staff Productivity
Enable mobile-first workflows
Provide consistent quality of care
Increase Efficiency
Customized workflows for specialists and staff
Align with industry best practices
Unlock economic value

Dr. Robert Valenzuela, MD

"COVID-19 really shone the spotlight on how we could improve our workflows to improve the safety of our patients and staff. We were surprised by how easy it was to integrate VREasyWait into our website and practice management processes.

It improved the patient experience significantly while also helping my staff feel safe. A lot of my patients are native Spanish speakers and this was the only virtual waiting room product we found that was not only free but also supported Spanish."

Dr. Kin W. Lui, MD

"The free virtual waiting room that VREasyWait provides helps us manage patient expectations around wait times, factor in cleaning times between patient visits, and keep things running smoothly.

We have seen such great acceptance by patients and staff that we intend to use VREasyWait even after the pandemic ends. Happy patients make for a happy staff and the positive patient feedback has been especially heartening for our employees during these stressful times."


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