24/7 Live Receptionist

Your patients want to hear a live human voice when they call your business any
time of day or night. That is a fee-based service we provide using our U.S. based
HIPAA-compliant contact centers.

Patient will call your office line and the call will roll
over to our contact center if nobody in your office is
able to answer the call in less than 5 rings.
Alternatively, we can also provide you with a unique
phone number that is staffed 24x7 and typically
answered in less than 5 rings.

The contact center person will answer as your
medical practice and enter all the key details of the
patient's call into a HIPAA-compliant web form
which will be forwarded via email to your staff, or
entered by our staff into your EHR, so that your office
can respond to the patient whenever your staff are
available next.